Melanie at Project Renaissance

Welcome to Project Renaissance.

I’m Melanie. I’m about to hit my thirties, about to get married, and about to change jobs. It feels like a crossroad, and as good a time as any to carefully examine every aspect of my life.

I’m asking myself: is my life the best it could be? What does it even mean to lead a good, happy life? How can I make my life better, happier, more fulfilling? What can I stop doing that makes me sad, ashamed or guilty? How can I enrich my life with new things, without trying to do too much?

Until now, I’ve been an academic in a British university, but that job is coming to an end, and I have to re-evaluate my future career prospects. Being an academic means being very specialised, but I find myself unsatisfied with that. I’ve always had many interests, and want to develop some of them in new directions.

This blog is my chronicle of that journey, towards a better and happier life. Part Happiness Project, part career-change and post-academic, part exploration of self-education and being a Renaissance Woman.

I hope you find some of what I write interesting – please join the conversation in the comments, or email me at projectrenaissanceblog AT gmail DOT com.


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